devil's fire barn dance band

Dave Hayes created and developed the unique sound of Devil's Fire Barn Dance Band. Dave plays his Electric Tenor Guitar and his unique solid bodied electric mandola, which is the lead instrument of the band. Dave also enjoys showing off his vocal skills and can rock with the best. Dave comes from Leigh in Lancashire.



DerekWhich adjectives best describe our drummer, Derek Eccles? "Brilliant", "gifted", "amazing" spring to mind. Following several years with other successful North West rock and country bands, it suited Derek perfectly to become a member of the gutsy Devil's Fire Band. Since coming on board many years ago, Devil's Fire have never looked back. Derek also comes from Leigh in Lancashire, but now lives in Bolton.



Lee Osborne has played in many bands from rock bands tyrough blues and jazz-funk combos. His driving bass and steady beat lays down the foundation for Devil's Fire's rocky style. Lee has travelled the world but now lives in Worsley.




Although Greg Slater came slightly later to Devil's Fire, it is almost as though he has always been a part of the band. Performing on his valuable old Fender Stratocaster, he is an amazing guitarist with years of previous professional experience in other excellent rock and blues bands in and around Preston. Greg gives the band the raunchy leads, and gorgeous bluesy breaks, that are the trademark of Devil's Fire.




This is our manager, Fran. Never hesitate in making contact with her. She doesn't bite - and is always pleased to answer any questions and take reservations. So if there are any considerations of having a hoedown for your wedding reception, birthday party, corporate event, or any other type of occasion, - just drop her a line or give her a call. She happily and speedily responds to all email and phone enquiries, - advising on charge for the band (including Caller) if the band is available on the date of your occasion - and the venue comes within regions of band's performances. There is never any pressure to book the band - and dates may be reserved with provisional bookings