A Review Of The Parker Sherron Poker Chip Set

Parker Sherron is one of the most well known Poker Players in the gin at the Poker Stars online site. Well I know him as the Irishman famous for his chip trick on the World Poker Tour. There is no doubt that the Irishman would be the talk of the club if this Video Poker Machine was available to him today. The fantastic feature of this Machine is that it plugs right into a standard 110-volt outlet.

The machine is truly remarkable in its simplicity.

Parker Sherron Poker Chip Set

  1. The only thing necessary to connect the machine is a standard 110-volt outlet. This proves that the designers of this product, really took care to make the machine very simple for the user.
  2. It runs on the ready 110-volt current and promises the user and user the best possible entertainment. users can totally decide if they want to invest in this or not, because the machine provides a safe, reliable and fun gaming experience that they will definitely enjoy.
  3. The product has an easy to use, operation range, and a fullyible LCD screen. The users can always use the machine to start playing their favorite poker game in the casino within 15 minutes, even during the night. The machine is 110-volt ready.

The Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine is actually a re-furbished slot machine from the factory.

The Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine is actually a re-furbished slot machine from the factory.

However, the machine has a warranty of two years and warranties every part except, of course the light bulbs. The light bulbs are sold by the manufacturer.

The product also comes with a comprehensive users’ manual that gives the users a basic operating knowledge on how to use the machine. additionally, the manual provides the users with the operating manual for further reference anytime they may need to change the odds of the spinning reels.

The Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine comes with a reset switch key to change the odds.

  • In addition, there is a key for changing the odds to start the machine over again. The international standard iscocktail machine, the Parker Sherron is the only machine variety sold within the Poker Stars Direct website.
  • The machine also comes with a basic operating manual, a Troy strapped machine with a full one-year warranty, and unlimited toll free telephone, email, and live support. The owner of the casino can take advice from the company about the machines and the proper functioning of the machine on the internet.
  • As a little bonus, the Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine comes with a Spot ticket so the user can scratch the silver, gold, and blue coin holders and find out if he or she has a winning combination. You may also like the payouts table that is displayed on the machine.
  • The Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine is going to be ideally improved in the near future that the operating company will send the machine back to the manufacturer for a complete overhauling of the machine. During the overhauling process, the machine will be cleaned and Armstrong will install new Homeland Technological Authority (HTA) regulated 12v power supplies and improved handles and controls.
  • Then the Parker Sherron will be a brand new machine in its own right. These Used Slot Machines are ready for use anywhere in the country by first be refurbished in the factory, and then shipped to the customers. Some of these machines will even be shipped to foreign countries.
  • The Parker Sherron Video Poker Machine will be a welcome addition to the casino that has been hard at work on bringing the Casino Games of the Future onto the market today. All of the components of the machine have been improved so the machine will be a solid product that the users can rely with for many years to come.
  • Like the original Parker Sherron, the Parker Sherron I-Progressive Slot Machine also offers the users the chance to play with up to three coins at one go. Unlike the Sherron machine, the I-Progressive slot machine also offers the users the chance to play with coins instead of tokens. However, the Parker Sherron does not have as many features as the Sherron.
  • The Parker Sherron features are innovative and impressive. The product is sleek and the lighting system is brilliant. The music and sound system of the machine is also excellent. The usability of the machine is alsoagressive. The machine is so simple to use that the users can play with it for hours on end without having to return it to the warehouse.

The Parker Sherron is definitely an excellent gift for the gift lover or for a serious poker fan. This is one of the superiorbuilt on the brand reputation.